***We have puppies from litter U***

Litter “U” 6 puppies (4 females and 2 males)

This combination is a repeat of the most successful litter in the history of our kennel – litter B from 2020. The combination of this pair gave BATHSHEBA REA La Componella, who in 2021 won the Junior World Victory, which is the highest title that can be won at shows. In 2021, she also achieved the title of Polish Junior Champion. In 2022, she achieved the title of Polish Champion, started Interchampion, won the Slovakia Winner, and the Winner of Champion of Champions Show. BATHSHEBA REA La Componella was already on the BIS podium, i.e. the finals of the entire exhibition, on the 1st, 1st and 4th place.

Father:VICTOR VALDES du Chemin des Sorciéres
Mother: Little Miss Daydream Stary Machnac

Our puppies after the tested parents are free from:
-SDCA1 (free from ataxia)
-SDCA2 (free from ataxia)
-Cardiomyopathy with Juvenile Mortality, CJM

UNDERDOG – available male, promising for shows and breeding

UNPLUGGED – available female, promising for shows and breeding

UNDRESSED – available female, promising for shows and breeding

Movies – puppies in the playground

Young puppies
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Father is:
Best Stud Male 2020 and 2021
Club Winner
Father of Junior World Winner 2021
VICTOR VALDES du Chemin des Sorciéres

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Our puppies live in many countries: USA, Thailand, Pakistan, Sweden, Ireland, Germany and Poland (all informations in “Litters”)

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