IRINA Du Jardin De L’Olympe FCI

Import from France
***She has puppies now***

born 17.05.2013

Mother of litters C and G in our kennel.

Our imported from France female  IRINA Du Jardin De L’Olympe wins on dog shows. These are the results of the exhibitions :
10.05.2014 – CACIB Lodz – place 1/5, excellent, Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed
18.05.2014 – CAC Bytom- place 1/2, excellent, Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed, BOS
01.06.2014 – CACIB Leszno -place 1/4, excellent, Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed. IRINA finshed Polish Junior Champion
08.06.2014 – CAC Kalisz – place 1/2, excellent, Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed
12.07.2014 – Great Dane Club – place 2/8, excellent
30.08.2014- CAC Bialystok -place 1/2, excellent, CAC, BOS. IRINA started Champion of Poland.
31.08.2014 – CACIB Bialystok -place 1/5, excellent, CAC, r.CACIB
20.09.2014 – CAC Zielona Gora – place 1/3, excellent, CAC, BOS
13.11.2014 – CACIB Sofia (Bulgaria) – place 1/2, excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB. IRINA started Interchampion and Champion of Bulgaria
14.11.2014 – CACIB Sofia (Bulgaria) -place 1/2, excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB. IRINA finished Champion of Bulagaria.
12.12.2014 – CACIB Sofia (Bulgaria) -place 1/3, excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB. IRINA finished Grand Champion of Bułgaria.
07.03.2015International Dog Show in Zielona Gora(Poland)
Our amazing female, imported from France IRINA Du Jardin De L’Olympe competed in Champion Class. She got excellent, 1 place, CAC and r.CACIB. Irina finished  Champion of Poland:))

Dog shows:
-she was shown in Italy, France, Austria and Poland
open Interchampion
Champion of Poland
Champion of Bulgaria
Grand Champion of Bulgaria
Junior Champion of Poland
2x r.CACIB
3x BOB
3x BOS 

4x Junior Winner
3x Best Junior in Breed  (BOB Junior)

ED 0/0
scissors bite, full teeth

Doppler – healthy heart, without DCM, approved for breeding

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