Our successes

May 2023 marks our 20th anniversary of breeding. Here are our greatest successes:
World Wins
World Dog Show Brno 2021 Dream exhibition!!!
3 titles:
-BATHSHEBA REA – Junior World Winner, Best Junior in Breed
-CHOPIN – Junior World Winner
-DESIDERIA – Veteran World Winner, Best Veteran in BreedWorld
Dog Show Amsterdam 2018
-ULIANA La Componella FCI – World Puppy Winner
World Dog Show Milan 2015
-JACOH de Korrantoh – Junior World Winner
Since 2019, we have continuously held the title of THE BEST KENNEL OF BELGIAN SHEPHERD GROENENDAEL in Poland.
Since 2020, we have continuously held the title of THE BEST STUD MALE of BELGIAN SHEPHERD GROENENDAEL in Poland
*JUDE LAW La Componella FCI – the first ever coated INTERCHAMPION in the Mexican Miniature Naked Dog breed
* BATSHEBA REA – Interchampion, Winner of the Ranking of the Best Belgian Shepherd of the Year 2022 in the Groenendael category and… all 4 varieties and I can confidently say that the most titled Groenendael in the history of the breed
*We have the title of Club Winner in all bred breeds
*We bred the first in the history of the breed in Poland litter of Naked Miniature Mexican Dogs
*We bred the first litter of Large Gascony Hounds in the history of the breed in Poland
*Our dogs have won over 320 Champion titles around the world.


🏆Belgian Shepherd Club Show in Czech Republik🏆
🥁🥁🥁judge – fame among breeders of Belgian Shepherds… BABS ROBINSON (UK)!!!!🥁🥁🥁
Our kennel La Componella FCI was the only representative of Poland.
Our results:
🥇ELVIS La Componella FCI – 1st place, excellent, CAJC, Junior Club Winner. He started Junior Champion of Czech Republik (in the judge’s opinion: just perfect dog… excellent body, head, bones, top and under line, movement and temperament)
🥇BATHSHEBA REA La Componella FCI – 1st place, excellent, CAC. She stared Champion of Czech Republik
🥈LUCIA La Componella FCI, 2nd place, very promising (in the judge’s opinion: pretty girl, lovely coat, nice expression, good movement)
🥉ERYKA La Componella FCI – 3rd place, excellent (in the judge’s opinion: unfortunately out of coat, very good shape good angulation, very good top line, nice expression)
Best In Show:
🏆Our kennel La Componella FCI – 4th place in BIS Breeding Groups (from belgian and australian shepherds)🎖🎖
🏆Our Breeding Pair (Elvis + Lucia) – 4th place in BIS Breeding Pairs (from belgian and australian shepherds)🎖🎖