World Dog Show in Brno 2021
Dream came true!!! We have 3 World Winners:
-BATHSHEBA REA – World Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed
World Junior Winner
-DESIDERIA – World Veteran Winner, Best Veteran in Breed
All pupoies from litter “P” live in new homes. Thank you new owners for so amazing homes:))
Club Show Belgian Shepherds
Our kennel gets titel “BEST KENNEL GROENENDAEL”.
Our stud male VICTOR VALDES du Chemin des Sorciéres won all… excellent, gold medal, CAC, Best Adult Male, CLUB WINNER and… Best of Breed.
We are over the moon…
Thank you:
-Champion NICOLE KIDMAN La Componella FCI – exc.1, CAC, owner  Wanda Duniec and Piotr Duniec
-Junior Champion TULUZA La Componella FCI – exc.1, CAC, owner. Agata Stanilewicz-Kruk
-LUIS FERNANDEZ La Componella FCI- VP2, owner. Kamila Grzybowska-Nosalik
New sections: Litter G great dane, Litter H great dane.
Mexican Hairless Dog Mini Puppies. I show photos of 3 litters in “Xolo puppies”
CACIB Szczecin
KARDUNA La Componella – 9 years old Veteran:) She takes BOB (Best o Breed) in strong competition:)
FURAHA Naglis has 6 puppies Mexican Hairless Dog Miniature:)))