Litter M – 2019

Father: JACOH de Korrantoh
Mother: ALLY MC BEAL La Componella

7 puppies, born 15.04.2019

MASSA FELIPE- hairless, black, Sweden
MANDŻUKIĆ – hairless, chocolate, Poland
MOCORITO – hairless, black and white, lives in Belgium
MADURO – hairless, black and white, lives in Germany

MARTHA – hairless, black, stays with us:))
MAZIKEEN – coated, white and black
MARTINEZ- coated, lives in Germany

hairless male black- MASSA FELIPE

hairless male black with white – MOCORITO –  Belgium

hairless male chocolate – MANDŻUKIĆ 

hairless male black with white- MADURO – Germany

coated girl white-black – MAZIKEEN –  Poland

female coated – MARTINEZ- Germany